Working with Automation

Logic Pro features a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, track-based automation system that allows you to create and play back fully automated mixes. Mix automation refers to recording, editing, and playing back the movements of faders, knobs, and switches on a mixing console—providing real-time control of volume, pan, EQ, and aux send controls, among others. You can automate all mix functions in Logic Pro, without restriction. This also applies to all plug-ins—the parameters of all effects and software instruments. All third-party plug-ins can be totally automated (with one or two exceptions, such as several Space Designer parameters, which cannot be automated in real time).

Automation is independent of MIDI and audio regions, and takes place on Arrange window tracks. Automation is also independent of the play or record status of Logic Pro, allowing you to create automation at any time.

The Logic Pro track automation system is sample-accurate, which is precise, but very processor-intensive. You can partially or completely turn off the sample-accurate mode in the Sample Accurate Automation pop-up menu of the Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio > General pane.

Note: You can also use MIDI controller values to automate parameters. This is done on a per region basis in the arrange area, and is known as Hyper Draw.