Writing Track Automation Data

You have the following write options for track automation data:

Figure. Moving the value slider to the right of the track list.

When one of the write modes is active, you can record track automation data when Logic Pro is in record or playback mode. The Arrange window track selection or audio record ready status is irrelevant. Whatever you touch or move is recorded when a channel strip is set to one of the write modes. The movement of Mixer controls (when in a write mode) can be used to overwrite or edit existing automation data, in real time.

When Logic Pro is in stop mode, the automation write modes are ignored, and no data is written if the fader is moved. There is, however, one exception:  If there are no dynamic changes (no automation data), the current fader setting becomes valid for the whole project. This is the default behavior for all mix parameters, when you start a fresh project.