Bouncing Your Project

You can render all or specific channels to one or more audio files, and even burn directly to a CD or DVD with the Bounce function. The Bounce process allows you to create an audio file (in several different file formats simultaneously), or multiple surround audio files, based on all channel strips routed to the selected output channel strip. All parameters, including volume, pan, and effects, are recorded as part of the bounce file. Automation, if used, also impacts the resulting bounce file. Bouncing takes place in either real time, or faster than real time (offline bounce).

Once bounced, files can be reused in Logic Pro, either creatively, or to save processing resources by replacing (or bypassing) the regions, instruments, and effects on source channels. Bounced files can also be used in other applications or devices. This makes it easy to send your files to mastering facilities, use them on the Internet (on webpages, or in the iTunes Store, for example), or even upload them to your iPod. Another option is to burn bounced files to a CD or DVD. This can be done directly from the Bounce window, making bouncing and burning a one-step process.