Creating a Bounce

This section outlines the basic steps required to create a bounced audio file.

  1. Stage 1: Route Channel Strips to an Output

    Route all channel strips that you want to bounce to a particular output channel strip. See Routing Channel Strips to an Output.

  2. Stage 2: Define the Bounce Range

    Define the bounce range. See Defining the Bounce Range.

  3. Stage 3: Set the Bounce Parameters

    Set the parameters in the Bounce window. See Defining Parameters in the Bounce Window.

  4. Stage 4: Set the Bounce Filename and Folder

    Enter a destination name and folder for the bounce files. See Setting the Bounce Filename and Folder.

  5. Stage 5: Perform the Bounce

    Click the Bounce (or Bounce & Burn) button in the Bounce window.

Note: Mono bouncing is possible when the output channel strip is set to mono. In this situation, a mono audio file is generated.