Hiding Tracks in the Arrange Area

If there are tracks in the Arrange area that do not need to be visible, you can use the Hide Track function to hide them. This is useful when you are working on very large arrangements, for example. Hidden tracks play back as usual.

There is a global Hide View button (H) in the upper-left corner of the Arrange area, to the right of the Catch button.

Figure. Hide View button in the Arrange area.
To hide tracks
  1. Click the Hide View button in the upper-left corner of the Arrange area to activate the Hide Track function.

    Small Hide (H) buttons appear on each track.

    Figure. Track header showing Hide buttons.
  2. Click the Hide buttons on the tracks you want to hide.

  3. Click the global Hide View button, and all tracks whose Hide buttons have been activated disappear from the Arrange window.

    The H in the global Hide View button is highlighted, indicating that one or more tracks (with active Hide buttons) are hidden.

    Figure. Hide View button in the Arrange area.
To show hidden tracks
  • Simply reactivate the Hide View button when you want to see the hidden tracks again.

There are also a couple of menu functions and key commands that relate to the Hide Tracks feature.

Even when the global Hide View button is deactivated, you can still hide an individual track with the View > Hide Current Track and Select Next Track command (or use the corresponding key command, default assignment:  Control-H).

The View > Unhide all Tracks command (or the corresponding key command) will reset the Hide buttons of each track, making them all visible.

Note: Hiding tracks does not affect their playback in any way. You can also link the Hide functions of all tracks belonging to a group by selecting Hide in the Group Property Settings. (For more information on groups, see Working with Mixer Groups.) Keep in mind that there is no Unhide Selected Arrange Track key command because there is no way that you can select a hidden Arrange track.