Creating Comps

You can use quick swipe comping techniques to select the best parts from several take recordings, combining these parts into one master take.

Figure. Open take folder showing comp sections from different takes.

Note: Quick swipe comping is possible only if your chosen take folder is in Quick Swipe Comping mode. For details, see Toggling Take Folder Editing Mode.

To combine sections of different take regions into a comp
  • Select take region sections by dragging over them with the Pointer or Pencil tool.

    Selecting a section in one take region automatically deselects the same section in another take region.

    Figure. Open take folder showing how to select take region sections by dragging over them.

The comp sections, located in the top lane of the take folder, reflect the combined selections from all take regions. The vertical lines in the waveform overview indicate the transitions between the different take region sections.

For details about how to edit your comps, see Editing Comps.