Working with EVD6 Filter and Damper Parameters

The original D6 offers four filter switches that affect the bass and treble portions of the sound. It also features a damping slider, which also alters the basic tone of the instrument.

Figure. Filter and Damper parameters.
  • Filter switches: The four filter switches emulate the original tone control and filter switches of the D6. Active switches are indicated by pale aqua lettering.
    • Brilliant: Makes the sound nasal—cuts bass.
    • Treble: Makes the sound sharper—cuts bass more gently.
    • Medium: Makes the sound thinner—slight bass reduction.
    • Soft: Makes the sound softer—more muted.
  • Damper: The original D6 features a damper slider on the right side of the keyboard that mutes the strings. The EVD6’s Damper (wheel) parameter emulates this function. You can adjust the Damper parameter directly in the interface, or control it with a MIDI controller (see Using Wah Ctrl, Velo Curve, and Damper Ctrl in the EVD6).