Working with EVD6 MIDI Control Parameters

MIDI controller assignments allow you to control the EVD6 with an external MIDI controller, or with a host application such as Logic Pro.

Learning MIDI Controller Assignments

All parameters that allow you to select a MIDI controller feature a Learn menu item.

To learn a controller
  1. Choose the -Learn- menu item to automatically assign the parameter to the first appropriate incoming MIDI data message.

  2. Move the desired controller.

The Learn mode has a 20-second time-out feature:  If the EVD6 does not receive a MIDI message within 20 seconds, the parameter will revert to its original MIDI controller assignment.

Using Wah Ctrl, Velo Curve, and Damper Ctrl in the EVD6

These parameters allow you to choose a suitable controller or velocity curve for the EVD6.

Figure. Controller parameters.
  • Wah Ctrl pop-up menu: Defines a MIDI Controller (number/name) as a manual Wah Wah effect control. MIDI foot controllers, such as Expression pedals, are commonly used for this type of task, but you can freely assign any MIDI controller. You can also use MIDI velocity or aftertouch messages to control the wah effect. MIDI-control can be disabled by choosing Off.

    Note: You can simultaneously control the Wah Wah effect with both the built-in envelope follower function (“auto-wah”—see Using the EVD6 Wah Wah Effect) and a manual controller. In this situation, the effects of the envelope follower and manual controls are mixed.

  • Wah Pedal Position slider (Controls view): Choose View > Controls to access the Wah Pedal Position slider. The value of this parameter represents the current pedal position, ensuring that it is saved with the setting.