Using Sculpture’s Integrated Delay

This is a (project) tempo-syncable stereo or true surround delay. It can also run freely (unsynchronized). The Delay section features all the general delay parameters you’d expect from a delay plus the Groove (delay timing) Pad.

Figure. Delay parameters.

Using the Sculpture Groove Pad (Stereo)

When used in a stereo instance of Sculpture, the Spread and Groove parameters are displayed in the two-dimensional Groove Pad.

Figure. Groove Pad.
  • Spread: Useful for wide stereo delay effects. Values on the y-axis (above the default, centered position) increase the delay time of the right delay line or decrease the delay time of the left delay line—in effect, smearing the delay times of the left and right channels. Negative values invert this effect.
  • Groove: Distributes the delay taps to the left/right channels, rather than smearing them, like the Spread parameter. Values on the x-axis allow you to reduce the delay time of one delay line by a given percentage, while keeping the other delay line constant. Keep an eye on the small help tag while adjusting.
    • For example, a value of +50% reduces the right delay time by half. If a value of 1/4 was used as the Delay Time, the right delay would equal 1/8th of a note and the left delay would remain at 1/4 of a note. Needless to say, this parameter is perfect for the creation of interesting rhythmic delays—in stereo.

To alter Groove Pad values
  • Drag the diamond in the center of the crosshair to adjust. You can independently adjust the Spread and Groove parameter values by directly dragging the lines that intersect the diamond.

To access the Groove Pad shortcut menu
  • Control-click the Groove Pad to open a shortcut menu that contains Clear, Copy, and Paste commands.

These can be used to copy and paste delay settings between multiple Sculpture instances, or between consecutively loaded settings. The Clear option resets the current delay settings.

Tip: You can create some truly wide chorus and modulated delay effects by modulating the Pickup Position and Pickup Spread parameters with an LFO or other modulator, and then feeding this into the Delay unit.

Using the Sculpture Groove Pad (Surround)

When used in a surround instance of Sculpture, the Delay Time Pad converts into a pure groove pad that controls the delay time relationship between:

  • Left and right channels (speakers) in the horizontal direction

  • Front and rear channels (speakers) in the vertical direction

The Spread parameter is accessible separately as a numerical edit field at the top left of the Groove Pad. Drag, or double-click and type, to alter the value.

Figure. Groove Pad in Surround instance.