Using the EXS24 mkII Advanced Group Selection Parameters

You can define a specific MIDI event for use as a group selection switch. Whenever the defined selection event is triggered, zones pointing to this group can be played, and other groups (selected with a different event) are not played. The defined event does not play or alter a sound; it simply acts as a group selection switch.

Figure. Select Group By pop-up menu.

This feature works with MIDI note, controller, and pitch bend events (on a specified MIDI channel). You first need to define a group number as the “base” for the Select By command. After the group number is defined, selecting a particular group means that only zones pointing to that group will play, and other groups are not played.

For example, if you want the EXS24 mkII to automatically switch between two string sample groups—one for staccato samples and one for legato samples—you could set the Select Group By menu to MIDI notes, and assign a different MIDI note to trigger each group. This way, you can use a note (that is not triggering a sound) as a remote group switch.

You can further refine the group selection conditions by clicking the plus sign in the upper-right corner of the Select Group By column. To continue the staccato and legato string layer example, you could specify that a controller message switches between different articulations. For another example of how this feature can be used, see Remapping of Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel Events in the EXS24 mkII.

Click the minus sign to remove a Select Group By condition, and broaden the group selection criteria.

Remapping of Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel Events in the EXS24 mkII

In order to create realistic-sounding performances in an easy and intuitive way, the Jam Pack 4 (Symphony Orchestra) instruments use the modulation wheel to switch between articulations—legato, staccato, and so on. The pitch bend wheel is used to change expression—crescendo, diminuendo, and so on. Further information about this can be found in the Jam Pack 4 documentation.

This is achieved by internally remapping pitch bend events to MIDI controller 11 and modulation wheel events to MIDI controller 4. To ensure compatibility with the Jam Pack 4 instruments, the EXS24 mkII automatically uses this remapping behavior for Jam Pack 4 instruments.

You can also use this remapping model for other instruments by choosing the “Map Mod & Pitch Wheel to Ctrl 4 & 11” item in the Instrument menu.

The EXS24 mkII will remap incoming pitch bend and mod wheel events to controller 11 or controller 4, respectively. The default pitch bend and modulation wheel functionality cannot be used when in this mode.