Mackie Control: Utilities Buttons

The four Utilities buttons activate common Logic Pro functions: Save, Undo, Cancel, and Enter.

SAVE Button

Press the SAVE button to save the current project file. The first time you save a project, a Save dialog appears on your computer screen. Enter a name and location for the file, then click the Save button in the dialog.

The main LCD displays this message: “There is a file select dialog on the screen.” The Position/Time display shows “ALERT.” All LEDs are unlit. Once the Save operation has been confirmed in Logic Pro, the Mackie Control returns all controls to their previous state (before you pressed the SAVE button).

Once you have named a project and saved it, further presses of the SAVE button store the current project state without presenting a Save dialog onscreen, or showing any alerts on the LCD. This allows you to quickly save incremental changes you make as your project develops.

The SAVE LED is illuminated as soon as you make (saveable) changes to your project.

Holding down the OPTION button while pressing SAVE opens the Save As dialog on the computer screen. This allows you to rename a project, or save it in a different location.

UNDO Button

Pressing the UNDO button undoes the last undoable action. As Logic Pro supports a nearly unlimited number of undo/redo steps, the green UNDO LED illuminates to indicate that Redo is available, not to indicate an undoable step. The LCD provides a warning that performing a reversible editing step will render all Redo steps unavailable.

Holding down the SHIFT button while pressing UNDO performs a Redo.

Holding down the OPTION button while pressing UNDO opens the Undo History window.


When an alert appears on your computer screen, you can cancel (or abort) it by pressing the CANCEL button. For information about alerts, see Modal Dialog Display.

Pressing the CANCEL button when no alert is visible onscreen does the following:

  • Opens the Toolbox at the current onscreen position of the pointer.

  • Alternately, it will perform any function currently assigned to the computer keyboard’s Esc (Escape) key.

  • If the Mackie Control is currently showing the contents of a folder track, pressing the CANCEL button exits the folder.

  • The CANCEL button also lets you invalidate a (blinking) parameter value preselection.

ENTER Button

When an alert appears on your computer screen, pressing the ENTER button activates the default button in the alert. For information about alerts, see Modal Dialog Display.

If there is no alert onscreen, and the selected track is a folder track, pressing the ENTER button opens the folder.