Modal Dialog Display

All modal dialogs (except File Open dialogs) appear on the LCD display of control surfaces that feature text displays. Examples of modal dialogs include authorization warnings, edit confirmations, or error messages. While a modal dialog is visible, you cannot perform actions in any other window.

The modal dialog text appears in the upper row of the LCD. If the dialog text does not fit in the LCD’s upper row, it starts scrolling after three seconds. You can scroll the dialog text manually with the appropriate control. (See assignment tables in the appropriate chapter.) Once you start scrolling the text manually, automatic scrolling is disabled.

Pressing a control surface button below the display triggers the appropriate function in the dialog, if applicable. Once you press an Enter or Cancel button on the control surface or click it onscreen, the dialog disappears, and all controls and displays return to their previous state.

When a File Open dialog appears onscreen, the “There is a file select dialog on the screen” message appears on the LCD or other display (if your control surface has one).