Getting Started

To use one or more control surfaces with Logic Pro, you will need:

Important: Your MIDI interface must feature driver software that supports SysEx communication. Consult the documentation that shipped with your MIDI interface (or MIDI interface drivers).

The number of devices that can be used simultaneously depends on the number of free ports of the appropriate type (USB, FireWire, or other) available on your system. In a standard setup, you can use a single control surface, or one accompanied by one or more expansion devices. You can also create control surface groups, as described in Creating Control Surface Groups.

Using multiple control surfaces allows you to control more tracks and channels, effects, and other parameters simultaneously. For example, the Mackie Control XT devices are basically identical to the channel strip section (fader, V-Pot, and LCD) of the main Mackie Control unit. The Mackie C4 features a number of V-Pots, but no faders. You can add as many XT, C4, or other control surface devices as you wish to your system, provided that enough free MIDI In and Out (or USB or other suitable) ports are available.