VoiceOver Getting Started

This guide explains how to use VoiceOver, the advanced screen-reading technology integrated into the Mac OS X operating system. This guide includes lists of VoiceOver commands for using VoiceOver with Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7).

To navigate the guide, select a link from the Table of Contents below to display the chapter. When you’re done reading a chapter, use your browser’s Back button to return to the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introducing VoiceOver

Chapter 2. Learning VoiceOver Basics

Chapter 3. Learning Mac OS X Basics

Chapter 4. Working with Text

Chapter 5. Navigating Content

Chapter 6. Browsing the Internet

Chapter 7. Using Mac OS X Applications

Chapter 8. Collaborating with Other Users

Chapter 9. Customizing VoiceOver

Chapter 10. Using Braille Displays

Chapter 11. Using VoiceOver Gestures

Appendix A. Commands and Gestures

Appendix B. VoiceOver Utility Options