Gestures Pane

The Gestures pane of Motion Preferences contains settings pertaining to using a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet to control Motion.

Figure. Motion Preferences window showing Gestures pane.

You cannot turn on gestures in Motion unless you have a tablet attached to your computer and Handwriting Recognition is turned on in the Ink preferences in System Preferences. For convenience, you can open Ink Preferences from the Gestures Preferences pane by clicking the Open Ink Preferences button.

For more information on using gestures, see Using Gestures.

Note: Swipes, pinches and other multi-touch gestures performed on a Multi-Touch device are unaffected by any settings in the Gestures pane of Motion Preferences.

  • Gestures are: Turns gestures on or off.
  • Open Ink Preferences: Opens the Ink pane of Mac OS X System Preferences.
  • Allow gestures in the air: Lets you trigger gestures without pressing the tip of the pen on the tablet. This option is available only when a pen button is set as the trigger to activate gestures.