Motion uses a variety of menus and menu-like controls. These include pop-up menus, value lists, parameter selection menus, and tracking selection menus.

Menus cannot be keyframed.

Pop-Up Menu

Parameters that have a predefined set of options are controlled with pop-up menus. In some cases the choices available in the pop-up menu change depending on the settings of other related parameters. Several varieties of pop-up menus appear throughout the Motion interface, but they function identically.

Figure. Pop-up menu in Inspector.
Figure. Pop-up menu in Toolbar.
Figure. Animation menu in Inspector.
To change the value of a pop-up menu
  • Click the menu and choose an item from the list.

Parameter Selection Menu

The parameter selection menu is a special type of pop-up menu, specifically for Parameter behaviors. Usually labeled “Apply To,” the parameter selection menu appears in the Behaviors Inspector after you apply a Parameter behavior. The menu consists of a display field listing the parameter that the behavior is modifying and a To pop-up menu from which you can choose a different target parameter.

Figure. Parameter selection menu in Inspector.