Toolbar Controls

The Motion toolbar is located in the middle of the main window, underneath the Project pane and Canvas.

The left side of the toolbar contains controls to create and edit elements such as text, shapes, and masks. The center of the toolbar contains the timing display. The right side of the toolbar includes buttons that:

Figure. Motion Toolbar.

Toolbar controls with multiple modes or options are available as pop-up menus, identifiable by a small downward arrow in the lower-right corner. For example, the default Rectangle Mask tool can be set to Rectangle, Circle, Freehand, Bezier, or B-Spline mode.

To access a toolbar control’s additional modes or options
  • Click any tool with a small downward arrow in the lower-right corner, and, holding down the mouse button, choose a mode or option from the pop-up menu.

For a description and use of each tool, see Toolbar.