Share Menu

The Share menu provides various options designed to make it easy to distribute your project. Most options have a specific target, such as an Apple device connected to iTunes, a Blu-ray disc, or a specific website.

There are also options for exporting broadcast-quality or highly compressed QuickTime movies, image sequences, audio, and still images. You can customize the settings of each method of export to suit your specific needs.

To further customize your output file or to spread the processing work across multiple computers, you can use the settings for Compressor, the professional transcoding application.

Share menu item
Use to
Apple Devices
Play your project in iTunes; on iPhone, iPad, and iPod; and on your home theater system using Apple TV.
DVD, Blu-ray
Burn your project to a standard-definition DVD or to a high-definition Blu-ray-compatible disc, or create a disk image (.img) file you can copy to an external drive or burn to disc later.
Email your project using Mail.
YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CNN iReport
Publish your project to any of these popular video-sharing websites.
Export Movie, Export Selection to Movie, Export Audio, Export Image Sequence
Export all or part of your project as a QuickTime movie, audio file, or image sequence to use in other projects and applications, or to distribute manually.
Save Current Frame
Export a single video frame as an image file in various standard image formats.
Export for HTTP Live Streaming
Export a QuickTime reference movie for web hosting that’s linked to a group of QuickTime movies compressed using different settings. You can choose how many and which available compression settings to export. When hosted using the relevant server software, the reference movie chooses the QuickTime movie with the optimal compression for streaming using the available bandwidth.
Send to Compressor, Export Using Compressor Settings
Open your project in Compressor to use its customized export settings, or export your project using configured Compressor settings without opening Compressor.
Show Share Monitor
Open the Share Monitor application. Click the Share Monitor icon in the Dock to monitor the progress of output file rendering. If you use background processing for any option in the Share menu, the Share Monitor opens automatically.