About Audio in Motion

You can add audio files to your project and use markers and keyframes to sync the audio with other events in your project. You can import several types of audio files, including the audio tracks from QuickTime movie clips. For each mono audio file you add to a project, Motion creates a single audio track.

You can import multichannel audio files and have Motion create a single audio track for each channel. Individual audio tracks have independent controls you can use to turn them on and off, to select and play individual tracks, to mute and solo tracks, to control links between audio and video objects, and to control volume and pan settings.

At the bottom of the Audio list, a Master track provides controls for the overall mix (all audio tracks combined into one), with its own set of controls for controlling volume, pan, muting, and audio linking.

Figure. Project pane showing Audio tab.

You can export audio with video, or export audio alone, in various formats.