Saving Custom Replicators to the Library

After you create a replicator you like, you can save it as a replicator preset in the Replicator or Favorites category of the Library for future use. After you place a custom replicator in the Library, it can be used like any other replicator preset.

To save a custom replicator to the Library
  1. Open the Library and select the Replicators, Favorites, or Favorites Menu category.

  2. From the Layers list or Timeline, drag the replicator to save into the stack at the bottom of the Library.

Note: For organizational purposes, you may find it useful to create a folder of your own in the Favorites or Favorites Menu category to store replicators.

When you save a replicator preset, it’s saved as a file in the /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Motion/Library/Replicators/ (or Favorites or Favorites Menu) folder.

You can copy replicator presets you create from this location to give to other Motion users, or you can add replicator presets given to you to this same folder.

Note: When you copy a replicator preset file, be sure you also copy graphics or movie files that it uses.