Applying Masks to Replicators

Masks can be applied to a replicator’s source layer (used as the replicator cell source to create the repeating onscreen elements) or to the replicator itself.

The following images show masks applied to the source layer of a replicator.

Figure. Layers list showing mask applied to a replicator cell source layer.

When a masked layer is used as the source for a replicator cell, the mask is respected in the elements that appear onscreen.

Figure. Canvas window showing replicator with a mask applied to the cell source layer.

Masks can also be applied to the replicator layer.

Figure. Layers list showing a mask applied to the Replicator.

When the mask is applied to a replicator, the entire pattern onscreen becomes masked.

Figure. Canvas window showing replicator with mask applied.

Note: Although masks cannot be applied to a 3D replicator, they can be applied to an object used as a pattern source for 3D replicator.

For more information on working with masks, see Masking a Layer or Group.