Keyframes and Curves

Although behaviors are ideal for instantly adding complex motion or effects to an object, keyframes provide additional precision and flexibility. Keyframes ensure that a specific event happens at the exact frame you choose.

When a movement or effect is timed to match a musical beat or a word in the soundtrack, a keyframe is the best tool for the job. Further, any effect where multiple objects are affected in a coordinated way is usually the result of keyframing.

Motion provides two different keyframing methods that allow you to animate using the workflow you are most comfortable with. The first option is to turn on the Record button, which creates a new keyframe whenever you adjust any parameter. The second option is to manually add a keyframe to a parameter. After a parameter contains a keyframe, any further adjustment to that parameter adds a keyframe at the current playhead position, regardless of the Record button state. For more information on keyframing methods, see Keyframing Methods.