Template Resolution

Before you create a template, decide what resolution your project requires. Although the template scales to fit the resolution of the Final Cut Pro X project it is applied to, you should create the template at the highest resolution you will use.

Note: If you plan to loop template animation, or you need to match the template and a Final Cut Pro project frame for frame, create the template with the same frame rate as the Final Cut Pro project. For more information on looping template animation, see Adding Template Markers.

Additionally, several display aspect ratio settings for the template can be saved in a single template project. For example, if your template was created at a 16:9 aspect ratio, you can easily create a 4:3 version of it in the same project. When the template is applied to a Final Cut Pro project, Final Cut Pro applies the aspect ratio that matches the project. For more information, see Adding Multiple Display Aspect Ratios to a Template .

Note: An image added to a placeholder is fit based on the template project settings. Because the image in the placeholder is not used when the template is applied to a Final Cut Pro project, stretching or scaling of the media does not affect the Final Cut Pro clip the template is applied to.