Creating Templates for Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X ships with numerous effects, titles, transitions, and generators, nearly all of which were created in Motion. If your Final Cut Pro X project calls for additional effects and you are an advanced Motion user, you can build them using the powerful features in Motion. If you are a content creator, you can distribute custom effects to artists and editors at your facility or to clients.

Special-effect projects created in Motion 5 for use in Final Cut Pro X are called templates. When you save a template in Motion, it becomes available in one of the Final Cut Pro media browsers. For example, a transition template saved in Motion appears in the Transitions Browser in Final Cut Pro, ready to be applied to an editing project.

Additionally, most existing effects, transitions, titles, and generators in Final Cut Pro can be opened and modified in Motion.

This chapter describes how to build and modify templates in Motion 5 for use in Final Cut Pro X. For additional suggestions about streamlining the Motion-to-Final Cut Pro workflow, see Tips for Creating Templates.