Publishing Rigs

One of the most common reasons to employ rigs is to create a simplified set of controls for template projects for use in Final Cut Pro X. This is achieved by publishing completed widgets to the Publishing pane of the Project Inspector in Motion. To publish a rig, you must publish its widgets individually. Widgets can be published like any other parameter in Motion.

To publish a widget
  • In the Rig or Widget inspector, Control-click the parameter or open the Animation menu (the downward arrow on the right) for the widget you want to publish, then choose Publish.

To view published parameters in Motion
  1. In the Layers list, click the Project object.

  2. In the Project Inspector, open the Publishing pane.

    The Publishing pane displays all published parameters, including widgets. Published parameters also appear in the Inspector in Final Cut Pro X. For more information about publishing, see Publishing Parameters in Templates.