Perform Mode

By default, Perform mode opens in full screen. The workspace fills your entire computer display so that your screen controls are as large as possible for maximum readability. Perform in Full Screen optimizes your display for live performance when you want to use MainStage exclusively while you play. It also disables OS-level autosave, Spotlight, and Time Machine.

Figure. Perform in Full Screen.

You can choose to have Perform mode open in a window. The toolbar remains visible so that you can switch modes using the Mode buttons, use the Panic or Master Mute buttons and the Tuner, and view CPU and memory levels and MIDI input in the Activity Monitor. The browsers and Inspectors are hidden to maximize the size of the workspace, making screen controls larger and easier to read in onstage situations. You can still access the Finder and switch to other applications but cannot open plug-in windows.

Figure. Perform in Window.

To learn about using Perform mode when you perform live, see Performing Live with MainStage.