Reclaiming Workspace Used by the Track Header

Displaying all of the buttons, icons, track names, and so on can result in a lot of information being shown in the track header.

To see all of this information, you can resize the track list.

To resize the track list
  1. Position the pointer over the dividing line between the track list and the composition area.

  2. When the pointer changes to the Resize pointer, drag the line to the right (increasing the size of the track list area) or to the left (reducing the size of the track list area).

    Figure. Resizing the track list area.

The downside of increasing the size of the track list area is that it reduces your working space in the Arrange window and editors.

To reclaim a little more room to move, you can hide the entire Inspector area to the left of the Arrange window and editors, providing more workspace for regions, events, and other data.

To hide or show the Inspector in the Arrange window
Do one of the following:
  • Choose View > Inspector (or use the Hide/Show Inspector key command, default assignment:  I).

  • Click the Inspector button in the Arrange toolbar.