Assigning Track Icons in the Track Parameter Box

Logic Pro offers high-resolution, scalable (from 128 x 128 pixels downward), and user-definable track icons.

Figure. Track icon grid.
To assign an icon to a track
  • Click an existing track icon in the Track Parameter box, and choose the icon you want from the grid.

You can create your own icons for tracks. User-created icons are saved in the following folder:  ~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Images/Icons.

These icons must have the following attributes:

Note: If this number is identical to the number of one of the built-in Logic Pro icons, the icon found in the user folder is given priority.

You also have the option of directly replacing the built-in Logic Pro icons, which are found in the /Contents/Resources/Images folder in the Logic Pro package.

To open the Logic Pro package
  • Control-click (or right-click) the Logic Pro icon in the Finder, then choose Show Package Contents from the shortcut menu.