Working with the Clipboard

The Clipboard is an invisible area of memory into which you can copy selected information (such as regions or events), allowing them to be pasted to a different location.

The Clipboard is universal, which means that it can be used to exchange information between projects.

All of the following options are available in the Edit menu.


All selected elements are removed from their current position, and placed in the Clipboard. Any existing content in the Clipboard is overwritten in the process (default key command assignment:  Command-X).


A copy of all selected elements is placed in the Clipboard. The selected elements are left in place. As with Cut, the contents of the Clipboard are overwritten (default key command assignment:  Command-C).


All content from the Clipboard is copied into the window with key focus. The Clipboard contents are not erased in the process (default key command assignment:  Command-V).

Paste at Original Position

This command works in a similar way to Paste, but the regions or events in the Clipboard are always pasted to the position they were originally cut from, regardless of the current playhead position (which is where regions or events would be placed with the standard Paste function).

Paste Replace

This function only works in the Arrange window and editors. It resembles Paste, but all existing regions or events in a given location are replaced by the regions or events being pasted.

Warning: When using this function, all regions or events that lie within the time period occupied by the regions or events on the Clipboard are erased.