Entering Numerical Values

You can use numerical input in many areas of Logic Pro. Double-clicking a numerical parameter value opens an input field. The existing value is highlighted, and ready to be overwritten by a new entry. This method is ideal for quickly setting a parameter value in the Inspector, or instantly navigating to a bar, when used in the Transport bar.

To quickly navigate to a bar, using numerical input in the Transport bar
  1. Double-click the Position display in the Transport bar.

  2. Type in 45, followed by the Return key.

    Figure. Position display in the Transport bar with text input field.

The playhead moves to the beginning of bar 45.

You can also use the mouse to make a partial selection in an input field, so that only the highlighted part is overwritten. As long as the input field is open, the computer keyboard can only be used for data entry, and cannot be used for key commands (with the exception of the main menu functions).

Discrete Values

Using numerical input, you can type in:

  • Decimals: 1, 01, 2, 3, 4, 127, …
  • Hexadecimals: $1, $01, $2, $3, $A, $0A, $7F
  • Notes: “C3,” “C#3,” “Cb3,” “C##2” (equivalent to D2), “Dbb2” (equivalent to C2). If you double-click the note “E3,” you can enter a decimal value such as “64” or a hex value of “$40” instead of the note name.
  • ASCII Code: You can also input numbers as ASCII code:  just place a ` or " in front of the selected key, and the ASCII code is input as a number. For example, "! results in a value of 33; "a results in a value of 97. This function is particularly useful for entering text in SysEx strings.
Arithmetical Operations

In many parts of Logic Pro, mathematical operations can also be used to change values. For example:

  • You can subtract from the existing value by entering “−5.”

  • You can sum two values by entering “38+17.”

  • You can multiply two values by entering “7*8.”

  • You can divide two values by entering “80/5.”

Canceling Numerical Input

You can cancel numerical input by entering no text at all, and pressing the Return key.