Creating Projects

You start working in Logic Pro by creating a new project.

To create a project
  1. Choose File > New (or use the corresponding key command, default assignment:  Command-N).

  2. Choose a template in the Templates dialog.

    Figure. Templates dialog.

    The Templates dialog is broken down into two areas:  Collection and Template.

    • Click a collection folder to display the associated template in the Template area.

    • Click a template to load it. A Save As dialog opens automatically.

  3. Browse to the location where you want to store the project, then type a name for the project in the name field.

    Figure. Save As dialog.
  4. Select the Include Assets checkbox if you want to include the audio and other files in the project folder. (See Handling Project Assets.)

    Tip: It is recommended that you select the Include Assets checkbox, as this makes the project “safe,” allowing you to move or copy the project folder without losing any file references that point to items within the folder.

  5. Click the Advanced Options disclosure triangle to view and choose the file types you want to save in the project folder.

    Figure. Advanced Options in the Save As dialog.

    You can change these settings at any time by choosing File > Project Settings > Assets. Details on these project assets are found in Handling Project Assets.

  6. Click Save.

    • A named folder—containing several sub-folders, depending on selections made in steps 3 and 4—is created at the target location.

    • By default, an Audio Files sub-folder is created within the project folder, even if you have not selected the Include Assets checkbox. This folder is used for any new audio recordings.

    • Also by default, the audio recording path is automatically routed to the new Project/Audio Files sub-folder.

    If you decide not to create a project folder in the first instance but want to at a later stage, simply choose the Save As command.

    Tip: You can quickly create an empty default project by holding down Option while choosing File > New.