MIDI Preferences in Logic Pro

MIDI preferences consist of the following tabs:  Reset Messages, General, and Sync.

Figure. MIDI preferences.
To open MIDI preferences
Do one of the following:
  • Choose Logic Pro > Preferences > MIDI (or use the Open MIDI Preferences key command).

  • Click the Preferences button in the Arrange toolbar, then choose MIDI from the pop-up menu.

MIDI Reset Message Preferences

The preferences in this pane are only included for compatibility with older MIDI hardware. Logic Pro handles MIDI reset messages automatically and intelligently, so you should generally make sure that all of these options are unselected. (This the default.)

All selected checkboxes will send a reset message, for the selected controller type, to all MIDI outputs. This reset message is sent on cycle jumps and when playback begins, but the use of these options shouldn’t be necessary.

Figure. MIDI Reset Message preferences.

MIDI General Preferences

The General (MIDI) pane contains the following preferences:

Figure. General MIDI preferences.
  • “External stop message ends recording” checkbox: If you are using external synchronization, and the time code stops while recording, record mode is turned off. If this checkbox is unselected, Logic Pro stops, but remains in record mode (record mode is paused).
  • “Always stop when opening project” checkbox: With this setting on, a project will always be opened in stop mode, even if it was saved in playback mode.
  • Reset All MIDI Drivers button: Click to reset all MIDI drivers. This can help if you experience MIDI communication problems.

MIDI Sync Preferences

The Sync pane contains the following preferences:

Figure. MIDI Sync preferences.
  • All MIDI Output: Delay field: Delays or advances the MIDI output for all ports, allowing you to compensate for any timing differences between MIDI tracks and audio or (software) instrument tracks.
  • MIDI Clock: “Allow to send Song Position Pointer while playing” checkbox: Song Position Pointer (SPP) data is not normally sent while the sequencer is in Playback mode. (This is in accordance with the MIDI Standard.) This option allows Logic Pro to send SPP data while the sequencer is running. The advantage is that external devices can also follow Logic Pro in Cycle mode. If your external devices cannot process SPP, you should turn this option off. If your devices can follow MTC (MIDI Time Code), you should leave this option unselected, and use the MTC functions of Logic Pro.
  • MTC Pickup Delay field: This parameter should generally be set to zero, to ensure the quickest possible pickup time while Logic Pro is in MTC (MIDI Time Code) Sync mode. There are, however, some devices that seem to transmit imprecise MTC commands when first started. As a result, synchronization may be unreliable, and there could be an offset every time synchronization is established. In such situations, you can set a delay time before incoming MTC is picked up. Essentially, Logic Pro will ignore the incoming MTC commands that occur in this time period. A (frame) value of 25 to 30 corresponds to a delay of about one second, depending on the frame rate. Use this parameter when synchronized to hard disk recorders and other devices, if synchronization doesn’t appear to be consistent.
  • Delay MTC Transmission By field: This parameter allows you to delay the transmission of MIDI time code. Negative values result in MTC being transmitted earlier. This enables you to compensate for any reaction delays (to incoming MIDI time code) in external MTC slave devices.
  • Output ID (Transport) checkbox: The All checkbox sends MMC to all ports. The field to the right allows you to specify an output port ID.
  • Input ID (Transport) checkbox: The All checkbox sends MMC to all ports. The field to the right allows you to specify an input port ID.
  • Transmit Locate Commands When: “Pressing Stop twice” checkbox: Enables transmission of MMC Locate commands when the Stop command is pressed twice (using the Stop button in the Transport bar, or using the Stop key command).
  • Transmit Locate Commands When: “Dragging regions or events” checkbox: If this option is enabled and Logic Pro is stopped (not in Playback or Record mode), MMC Locate commands are sent with the position of a region that is dragged in the Arrange area.
  • “Transmit Record enable commands for audio tracks” checkbox: If this option is selected, MMC Record Enable/Disable commands are also sent when audio tracks are record-enabled (armed) or disabled. In addition, any received MMC Record Enable commands will set the record-enable status of audio tracks.
  • MIDI Sync Project Settings button: Click this button to open the MIDI Sync Project Settings window.