Audio Settings

The Audio project settings determine audio-specific project parameters.

Figure. Audio project settings pane.
Figure. Audio project settings pane.
To open the Audio project settings
Do one of the following:
  • Choose File > Project Settings > Audio (or use the Open Audio Project Settings key command, default assignment:  Option-U).

  • Click the Settings button in the Arrange toolbar, then choose Audio from the pop-up menu.

  • Automatic Management of Channel Strip Objects checkbox: Makes setting up and using tracks and channel strips a transparent experience. It automatically creates and manages channel strips when new tracks are created. You should only deactivate this setting when you need to make manual changes to channel strips in the Environment window.
  • Automatic Naming of Channel Strip Objects checkbox: This option (active by default in Logic Pro 9 projects) allows the automatic naming of channel strips according to the last loaded setting (CST, SI PST or EXS Instrument—whichever was loaded last), until the user enters a channel strip name manually (in the track header, Arrange channel strip, Mixer, or Environment).
  • Playback Pre-Roll checkbox: When this option is selected, all start commands force Logic Pro to start playback a little earlier (shifted to the left). The exact pre-roll value depends on the current delay compensation value for plug-ins. This option ensures that transients that fall exactly on the start position are played back correctly. If this option is unselected, transients that fall precisely on the start position can be missed, or seem to fade in.
  • Apply Pan Law Compensation to Stereo Balancers checkbox: Applies Pan Law compensation to Stereo Balance controls.

    Note: For compatibility purposes, this checkbox is selected by default for all older projects opened in Logic Pro 9.