Working with Split Stereo Files

Logic Pro treats audio files with a name that ends in .L or .R as stereo files. This applies to all file management functions, such as Rename, Create, or Revert to Backup. The following list outlines how split stereo files are handled in Logic Pro:

Disconnecting Split Stereo Files

Both sides of a split stereo file are normally edited together. On occasion, however, you may need to edit one side individually.

To disconnect a split stereo file
  1. Select (either side of) the split stereo file in the Audio Bin.

  2. Choose Edit > Disconnect Selected Split Stereo File.

You can now edit both sides of the recording as individual mono files. This function only disconnects one split stereo file at a time.

Important: If you want to reconnect the files, don’t define any new regions.

To reconnect all split stereo files in your project
  • Choose Edit > Reconnect All Split Stereo Files in the Audio Bin.

Logic Pro reconnects all disconnected stereo files in the project. Only files that were previously part of a split stereo “pair” are reconnected.

Converting Split Stereo Files to Interleaved Stereo

You can convert two (split stereo) audio files into an interleaved stereo file in the SDII, AIFF, or WAV format. This is useful if you want to use a split stereo file in another application that only supports interleaved files.

To convert split stereo files into interleaved stereo files
  1. Select the audio files in the Audio Bin.

  2. Choose Audio File > Copy/Convert File(s) from the local menu (which is also available by Control-clicking the Audio Bin or using the corresponding key command).

  3. Choose Split to Interleaved in the Stereo Conversion pop-up menu.

  4. Type in a filename, browse to a folder location, then click Save.

Note: This only works for split stereo files. You can’t use these commands to combine two mono files into a stereo file.