Using the Inspector

The Inspector can be displayed or hidden by clicking the Inspector button in the Arrange toolbar. The horizontal size of the Inspector cannot be altered. The content displayed in the Inspector depends on the area in key focus:  either the Arrange area or one of the editing areas below it. In situations where the area in key focus does not provide a parameter area, the Inspector for the Arrange area is displayed.

Note: The Inspector updates to display the parameters of the window with key focus. Details of window-specific parameters are found in the chapters for each window.

The following image shows the Inspector when the Arrange area is in key focus.

Figure. Inspector showing Region and Track Parameter boxes, and Arrange channel strips.
To show or hide the contents of the Region or Track Parameter boxes
  • Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the name in either box.

    The contents of that box are displayed or hidden. Closing either box provides room for the elements below.

To open the Region Parameter box as a floating area
Do one of the following:
  • Control-click (or right-click) the Region Parameter box, then choose Region Inspector Float (or use the corresponding key command, default assignment:  Option-R).

  • Double-click the Region Parameter box.