Using the Computer Keyboard

You can access most Logic Pro functions with key commands. Whenever this documentation mentions a key command, this refers to a function or option that can be accessed with a computer keyboard keystroke (or keystroke combination, such as pressing both the Control and W keys on your keyboard).

Use of key commands, rather than the mouse, can greatly accelerate your Logic Pro workflow. Throughout this documentation, you will encounter a number of practical usage examples, often in step form, that include the default key commands for particular functions.

It is recommended that you follow the steps outlined in the documentation, and make use of these default key commands while familiarizing yourself with Logic Pro. Not only will this help you to remember them, but will also aid you in developing good (and faster) working practices from the outset.

Once you have a good understanding of Logic Pro fundamentals, and how you like to work, you can freely assign your own set of key commands. Logic Pro functions and options that can be assigned to key commands can also be assigned to MIDI commands, sent from your MIDI controller. More detail on these advanced topics can be found in Working with Key Commands.