Encoding Surround Bounce Files

Logic Pro surround bounces are not encoded. Surround bounce files can, however, be encoded in Compressor. See the Compressor documentation for instructions on surround encoding.

Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital (also known as AC3) includes the LFE channel. It is a compressed format, commonly used for DVDs and digital terrestrial or satellite TV broadcasts. It is also widely used for computer game soundtracks.


DVD Audio format, used for music delivery. Supports 24-bit, 96 kHz playback of up to 6 channels (5.1). 24-bit, 192 kHz mono or stereo is also supported by the format.

SACD:  Super Audio Compact Disc

Basically, the Sony-Philips version of DVD-A. SACD audio is stored in a format called Direct Stream Digital, which has a sampling rate of 2.8224 MHz. SACD discs must contain a stereo mix, but usually also offer a 5.1 mix (although this is optional).

Pro Logic II

Pro Logic II uses two full-range rear channels, unlike the original Pro Logic (LCRS) format. It does not, however, use the LFE channel. In other words, this is a 5.0 format, so simply disable the LFE channel in Logic Pro if you want to deliver a Pro Logic II soundtrack.

DTS (Digital Theater Systems)

Soundtracks generally sound better than Dolby Digital EX equivalents because they use a 3:1 compression ratio, whereas Dolby uses a 12:1 ratio. Less compression obviously means more storage space is required on the delivery medium.