Using the Movie Window

You can drag the position slider at the bottom of the Movie window, or use the QuickTime transport buttons to the right, to navigate to any position in the video file. Logic Pro (the playhead) will “chase” to the corresponding project position. All QuickTime transport functions interact with those of Logic Pro.

Figure. Movie window.
To resize the Movie window
Do one of the following:
  • Drag its lower-right corner.

  • Control-click the movie (the actual image), and choose one of the following image formats from the shortcut menu.

    Figure. Movie window showing image formats in the shortcut menu.
    • 0.5 Size: Reduces the movie to half its original size.
    • Original Size: Displays the movie in its original size.
    • 2x Size: Expands the movie to twice its original size.
    • 3x Size: Expands the movie to three times its original size.
    • Fullscreen: Expands the Movie window to fill the full screen.
    • Keep Aspect Ratio: If enabled, the proportions of the image are retained when resizing the Movie window.
    • Center: Choosing this option places the video image in the center of your screen.