Delay Line Objects

A delay line object repeats (echoes) MIDI events passing through it, at intervals ranging from one tick to 256 whole notes.

Figure. Delay line object and its parameter box.
To create a new delay line object
  • Choose New > Delay Line.

As with the arpeggiator, you need to place a delay line object in the MIDI signal path, and Logic Pro must be in playback mode. The echoes of each incoming event are sent, sequentially, to each cabled output of the delay line object:  event 1 to cable 1, event 2 to cable 2, and so on. Obviously, if only one cable is connected, then all events are sent to that output.

The delay line can send up to 99 repeats, at intervals ranging from one tick to 256 whole notes. You can also suppress the original note events.

The Delay Line’s Parameter Box

The delay line’s Parameter box offers the following parameters:

  • Thru Original checkbox: If this parameter is turned on, the original events are passed thru. If the parameter is turned off, the original events are suppressed (which means that only the echoes will be heard).
  • Repeats field: Defines the number of event repeats. The 0 setting turns the delay line off.
  • Delay field: The delay time between the individual repeats. The left value is in divisions, and the right value in ticks.
  • Velocity field: Defines the change in the velocity values of note events per repeat.