Understanding the Concept of Beat Mapping

Beat mapping involves two steps:  first, you graphically connect musical events to the appropriate bar positions in the Beat Mapping track, by drawing lines between them with the mouse. Logic Pro will automatically insert a tempo change event for each of these bar position locations. This results in the note/event being played at its previous absolute time position, despite its altered bar position. A beat mapped Logic Pro project will contain the same tempo variations as the original recording.

Assuming accurate beat mapping, everything will be in time with the metronome tempo, affording you a number of advantages for further project development:

By default, the global Marker, Signature, and Tempo tracks are visible when you enable the display of global tracks. If the Beat Mapping track is not displayed, choose View > Configure Global Tracks, and select the Beat Mapping checkbox. For detailed instructions, see Hiding or Showing Global Tracks.

Figure. Global Tracks area showing Beat Mapping track.