Exporting the Score as a Graphic File

You can save a part of a Logic Pro score page (or a whole page) as an image (PDF format), or copy it to the Clipboard. This allows you to paste it into graphics-editing programs, or documents created in word-processing or desktop-publishing applications.

Preparing the Score for Export

Before you export the score as an image, choose the appropriate Camera Tool settings in the Logic Pro > Preferences > Score pane.

Figure. Camera tool settings in Score preferences pane.
  • “Write to” buttons: Allow you to choose between the following two options:
    • Clipboard: The image is copied to the Clipboard, and can be pasted directly into other applications, without saving it as a separate file.
    • PDF File: The image is saved as a PDF file. A dialog allows you to assign a filename and path (when the Camera tool is used to take a snapshot of the score).

Exporting the Score

You use the Camera tool to export the score as an image file.

To export the score as an image
  1. Select the Camera tool.

    Figure. Camera tool.
  2. Drag across the part of the score section you want to export. A selection rectangle appears as you do this.

As soon as you release the mouse button, Logic Pro creates a PDF file (or copies the selection to the Clipboard, depending on the Camera Tool setting you chose), encompassing the area you dragged the Camera tool over.

Note: This function is only available in Page Score view.