Default Settings for New MIDI Regions

If a new MIDI region is created with the Pencil tool in the Arrange area, or through MIDI recording, Logic Pro applies a set of default parameters to it. These defaults can be seen and edited in the Display Parameter box, when no MIDI region (no staff) is selected. The title line shows Insert Defaults to indicate this status. These settings remain as set until you quit Logic Pro, but can be changed at any time.

Click any empty spot in the Score Editor background to display the Insert Defaults. Edit any of the parameters as desired—set Quantize to the value that you use for most regions in the project, for example. From this point on, all new regions automatically use these settings when created. If Quantize is set to “default,” the display Quantize setting of newly recorded or created regions matches the division value shown in the Transport bar.

Note: The default setting for staff styles (Style) is not defined here. This is separate for each track, and is set in the bottom line of the Arrange area’s Track Parameter box.

When simultaneously changing the settings of several selected MIDI regions, the top line of the Display Parameter box indicates the number of regions or objects (if the selection includes folders) currently selected (“3 Regions sel.,” for example), instead of the MIDI region name. If these regions have differing values for any of the parameters, a “*” is displayed in the corresponding parameter line. If you change this value, all selected regions are set to the same value for that particular parameter.