Using Surround Panning in the Mixer

Logic Pro allows mixdowns in several surround formats, even if your audio hardware offers only two outputs. Because it would be difficult to mix or record in surround format without being able to hear the result, it is best to not select this option if you’re monitoring or mixing through stereo speakers.

All audio, instrument, and aux channel strips can be individually set to different surround formats.

To set a channel strip output to surround
  • Open the Output slot of a channel strip, and choose Surround in the pop-up menu.

The Pan control is replaced by a Surround Panner. The loudspeakers are represented by colored dots, and the pan position is indicated by a white dot that can be dragged.

Figure. Channel strip showing the Surround Panner.

For details about the use of the Surround feature, see Working with Surround.