Importing Transform Sets From Other Projects

You can import transform sets from other projects, allowing fast access to a transform preset you created earlier. This function also makes it easy to add existing transform sets to new template projects.

To import all transform sets from another project
  1. Choose File > Project Settings > Import Project Settings from the main menu bar (or use the corresponding key command, default assignment:  Option-Command-I).

  2. Deselect all checkboxes—except Transform Sets—at the bottom of the Import Settings dialog.

  3. Browse to, and select, the project that contains the transform sets you want to import.

  4. Click the Open button, and the transform sets are imported into the current project. The names of these imported transform sets are retained, and added to the bottom of the Presets list.

  5. Repeat the steps above to import transform sets from other projects.

  6. Save your project or template.