Creating Your Own Transform Sets

You can store your own transform settings in a user transform set.

To create a user transform set
  1. Choose **Create Initialized User Set** from the Presets pop-up menu.

  2. Set conditions.

  3. Set operations.

  4. Select the “Hide unused parameters” checkbox. This helps to avoid changes to conditions and operations that aren’t required for (or may disturb) your transform set.

  5. Click New Parameter Set (Number) in the Presets menu. Type in a new name for your transform set.

    Figure. Entering a transform set name in the Presets menu.

This transform set now appears at the bottom of the Presets list in all Transform windows for this project. You should consider saving your user transform sets in one or more template projects. This way, they will always be available to you in all future projects.

Tip: Renaming an existing transform set creates a new transform set that is identical to the original. The existing (source) transform set is retained.