Soloing and Renaming Regions or Folders

Although the Solo tool can be used to hear events in isolation, it is most useful when viewing a list of Arrange window regions or folders (Event List at Arrange-level view).

To solo a region, folder (or event)
  • Choose the Solo tool from the Tool menu, and click-hold the region or folder name (or event) in the Status column.

The playhead automatically jumps to the beginning of the selected region or folder (or event), and soloed playback starts.

To rename a region or folder
  1. Choose the Text tool from the Tool menu, and click the region or folder name in the Status column.

  2. Type in a new name, and press Return to exit the text field.

The corresponding region or folder is renamed in the Arrange window.

Note: The Text tool has no effect on events, as these cannot be renamed.