Deleting and Muting Events

These two functions go hand in hand, since you will often want to remove events that you have muted.

To mute or unmute a note event
  • Click a note event with the Mute tool.

    A dot appears in the Status column of muted note events.

The Edit > Select Muted Regions/Events command is also available in the Event List. It allows the selection of all muted notes in a MIDI region, making them easy to delete.

To delete events
Do one of the following:
  • Click them with the Eraser tool.

  • Select the events, and press Delete.

  • Choose one of the commands in the Functions > Delete MIDI Events menu.

    • Duplicates (default key command assignment:  D): Erases all duplicate events.
    • Inside or Outside Locators: Erases all MIDI events within/outside the locators.
    • Outside Region Borders: Erases all MIDI events that completely fall outside the region borders, which can happen when regions are resized.
    • Unselected Within Selection: Erases all unselected MIDI events within a selection, such as between locators.