Monitoring and Resetting MIDI Events

The top line of the Transport bar’s MIDI Activity display shows the last MIDI message received. The bottom line shows the most recently transmitted MIDI message. The display is mainly used for checking MIDI connections.

Figure. Transport bar showing MIDI Activity display.

When Logic Pro receives more than one MIDI note simultaneously; the respective, held intervals (between notes) are interpreted and displayed as chords.

On occasion, MIDI modules continue to sound, even when no note data is being sent to them. This indicates that your sound sources have not responded to the All Notes Off messages sent by Logic Pro.

To turn off stuck notes
Do one of the following:
  • Click the lower MIDI Activity display section in the Transport bar.

  • Click the Stop button twice in rapid succession.

In both cases, reset messages are sent, as defined in Logic Pro > Preferences > MIDI > Reset Messages.

To stop hung notes
  • Double-click the MIDI Activity display in the Transport bar (or use the Send discrete Note Offs (Panic) key command).

Separate Note Off messages are sent for every note, on all channels of every MIDI port, which should do the trick.

To stop unwanted modulation
  • Choose Options > Send to MIDI > Reset Controllers (or use the Send Reset Controllers key command).

This transmits control change message #121, with a value of 0 (reset all controllers), on all MIDI channels and outputs used by defined instruments. This neutralizes all MIDI controllers, such as modulation or pitch bends.

To set all MIDI channels to their maximum volume
  • Choose Options > Send to MIDI > Maximum Volume (or use the Send Maximum Volume key command).

This transmits a control change message #7 (main volume), with a value of 127, on all MIDI channels and outputs used by defined instruments.

To send all program, volume, and pan settings from all external MIDI instrument Parameter boxes
  • Choose Options > Send to MIDI > Used Instrument MIDI Settings (or use the Send Used Instruments MIDI Settings key command).

This resets your sound sources, if unexpected program changes occur mid-performance.

To automatically send instrument settings after loading a project
  • Turn on the Send After Loading Project:  Used Instrument MIDI Settings option, in the File > Project Settings > MIDI > General pane.