Understanding the Quantize Grid Options

You can quantize selected audio or MIDI regions, including a selection of both, by changing the value of the Quantize parameter in the Region Parameter box of the Inspector. This parameter determines the division of the quantization grid.

Figure. Region Parameter box showing the Quantize parameter.

Important: The region Quantize parameter is nondestructive. It adjusts the playback positions of notes in the region on-the-fly when Logic Pro is in Playback or Record mode. It does not actually move the notes permanently.

The settings in the Quantize pop-up menu in the Region Parameter box of the Inspector can be roughly grouped into the following categories:

The Swing settings delay the position of every second point in the quantization grid by a fixed percentage, as follows:

Quantize setting
Swing percentage
8F Swing or 16F Swing
8E Swing or 16E Swing
8D Swing or 16D Swing
8C Swing or 16C Swing
8B Swing or 16B Swing
8A Swing or 16A Swing