Finding and Replacing Orphaned Audio Files

Sometimes, Logic Pro can’t find a file that was previously used in the project. This could be due to one of the following:

In these situations, Logic Pro opens a dialog similar to this one:

Figure. Audio file not found dialog.

You can respond in any of the following ways:

If more than one file with a matching name is found, you can select the correct file in a dialog.

If Logic Pro cannot find one or more audio files, the regions are shown as blank areas.

Figure. Arrange area showing blank audio region.
To assign a replacement file later
  1. Do one of the following:

    • Double-click the relevant region in the Arrange area.

    • Double-click the exclamation mark beside the audio filename in the Audio Bin tab.

      Figure. Exclamation mark beside audio file in Audio Bin.
    • Choose Audio File > Update File Information in the Audio Bin.

  2. Click Locate in the dialog, and another dialog opens (containing the name of the audio file being searched for in the title bar), allowing you to locate and load the necessary audio file.